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Housing Options for Seniors

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Group of older adults enjoying their time together in a senior living community

Seniors are valuable citizens who deserve comfort, happiness, and high-quality care in their later years. When it comes to senior living, the amount of information out there can be a lot to take in. Whether you’re caring for a loved one or searching for your own community to call home, only the best will do.

When it comes to senior living communities, there are various living options to suit your every need. Read on to discover which type of senior living community is the best fit, and contact us when you’re ready to make your move! 

Benefits of a Senior Living Community

There are several key aspects of a senior living community that tend to be consistent no matter what type of community suits you. These may change from place to place, but often the following perks are central to senior living.

Low Maintenance 

Senior living offers freedom from mundane tasks, which frees you up to spend time on your passions. Skip the chores involved with traditional homeownership but keep the beautiful, well-maintained home.

Onsite groundskeeping means no yard work, no fixing shingles, and no worrying about repairs. Your home remains in tip-top shape with little effort on your part!

Convenient Amenities

Having amenities in your apartment building can lessen the worries around accomplishing your day-to-day tasks. This is particularly true for anyone with mobility challenges. Some services often provided in assisted living communities are

  • Fitness spaces and activities
  • Dining rooms and catered meals
  • Transportation
  • Wellness services, including medication and other therapies
  • Entertainment

Expanded Social Circle

The neighbors and staff on hand are what put the community into senior living. Socialize with your neighbors and indulge in leisure activities and other entertainment available onsite!

Ease and Comfort

Onsite amenities make things easy. If you’d prefer to do your laundry, cooking, and other housekeeping, you can. But you can also pass those on to a caring team dedicated to your comfort if you’d rather spend your time elsewhere or are having any trouble completing these tasks.

Choice and flexibility are an essential part of many people’s lifestyles. Since amenities such as beauty salons, fitness rooms, and dining services are already at hand, convenience is always at your fingertips. 

Independent Living

Independent living is an excellent option for older adults looking to live life to the fullest. This style of senior living is sometimes called a retirement home or community. Often these communities are usually dedicated solely to people in a certain age bracket.

Accommodating Staff

In an independent living community, the staff available are often driven by hospitality instead of medical care and health needs. Much like resort staff, they’re dedicated to keeping you comfortable, entertained, and engaged. They may not be available 24 hours a day, but when they’re present, they’re entirely committed to your enjoyment.

Ease of Travel

Many older adults want to fill their freedom years with travel. Independent living makes vacationing a breeze! Your home is already looked after and will remain secure as you kick back on a beach, explore a new city, or visit family.

Control Your Leisure Schedule

Keep yourself busy with plenty of different social opportunities right on site. Independent living offers social calendars that you are free to take advantage of if you choose. The various events on offer are driven by the interests of the community members, so you remain in control of how you choose to spend your time.

  • Recreational activities
  • Celebrations
  • Educational opportunities


If any medical needs arise or if you decide you‘d like more assistance, you already have those options close at hand. Moving to an independent living community removes the urgency of finding a new home in a time of potential stress. Your living choices are under your control.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is perfect for anyone who might need some help with activities of daily living but values their independence and comfort. These communities cater to those who need everyday assistance, but not necessarily full-time medical attention. A community like this lets you ease the process of getting care while allowing yourself to enjoy your day-to-day in a more stress-free environment.

Side note: when people say “nursing home,” they usually mean assisted living community. “Nursing home” is an outdated phrase that doesn’t quite capture the full scope of what assisted living offers.

Peace of Mind

Before making the move to an assisted living community, many seniors find new concerns around living alone. People often have anxiety around the potential of having an accident or a fall around the home with no one present. Some folks report concerns about feeling like a burden to their loved ones or stress about finding help when they need it.

Care Team

The availability of a well-trained care team means you can trust the people attending to your needs. Receive assistance that is specifically catered to your unique wants and requirements.

One of the main benefits of assisted living is access to medical care. An on-hand team can provide help with the activities of daily living, such as:

  • Dispensing medication
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Dressing


A focus on nutrition often comes into play in assisted living communities. Dining staff often provide three meals a day, which helps community members keep up a balanced diet and maintain their weight.

Vibrant Community

Assisted living encourages you to spend time with your neighbors and nurture friendships. With various social activities and a unique group of people around you, it’s easy to feel part of a healthy, active, and vital community.

A pair of seniors in matching blue tracksuits exercising outdoors at their assisted living community

Maintain Quality of Life

When daily tasks start to pose challenges, it’s easy to feel like your quality of life is slipping. Assisted living communities allow you access to care nearly all the time. This easily accessible help allows you to keep up with errands, hygiene, and housekeeping. Keeping these essential tasks managed frees you to focus on things that bring you fulfillment.

It’s important to remember that not all community members will need the exact same sort of assistance. Care is tailored to your personal situation.

Memory Care

Memory care communities are intended to provide high-quality care to those with memory problems. This type of senior living is essential for anyone who needs dedicated support.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dementia is the most common reason for a loved one to move to a memory care community. Memory loss caused by dementia can make independent living risky and difficult. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most prevalent form of dementia; an estimated 5.5 million people in the United States live with Alzheimer’s.

There are strategies to help maintain cognitive health— a core piece of the memory care puzzle. In a memory care community, socialization, exercise, a healthy diet, and keeping an active mind are priorities.

Specially Trained Staff

It’s necessary to receive compassionate care from team members and healthcare providers. Feel confident and understood when speaking with staff who understand the best communication techniques for those with memory challenges.

Care teams with a 24-hour presence ensure the highest level of attention for you or your loved one.

Schedule and Routine

Having well-scheduled activities help maintain an active lifestyle. For those with memory loss, the challenges of keeping medication and daily living tasks on schedule can be incredibly frustrating. In a memory care community, this burden is eased by a skilled care team.

Secure and Safe

Memory care communities are designed specially to help prevent or reduce common troubles of those with dementia, such as

  • Wandering
  • Falls
  • Confusion

These apartments are designed with accessibility in mind. Keeping spaces clearly labeled, lit appropriately, and easy to move through helps keep those in care calm, happy, and safe in their homes.

Make The Right Choice for You

If you’ve figured out which type of senior living is right for you, or if you need more questions answered, contact us to come for a tour. Enrich the next chapter of your life with a high-quality home and flourish in our welcoming community!

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